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Party Evolution

How the parties evolved since their origins: Democrats (1828), Republicans (1854)

Books and Monogrpahs
The Democratic Evolution: From Slavery to Equality, 1828-2024 (New York: Columbia, forthcoming)
Analyzes 3.392 planks from all 45 Democratic platforms (1840-2016) across three eras of Democratic party politics: States Rights (1828-1896), Cooperative Federalism (1900-1948), and National Authority (1952-2024).
The Republican Evolution: From Governing Party to Antigovernment Party, 1860-2020 (New York: Columbia University Press, 2022)
Analyzes 2,7222 planks from all 41 Republican platforms (1856-2016) across three eras of Republican party politics:Nationalism (1860-1924), Neoliberalism (1928-1960), and Ethnocentrism (1964-2020).
Book Reviews


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