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Volume 20 November 2014, Number 6

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Imke Harbers,
"States and strategy in new federal democracies: Competitiveness and intra-party resource allocation in Mexico," 823-835.
Stephen A Jessee and Sean M Theriault,
"The two faces of congressional roll-call voting," 836-848.
Eduardo Alemán and Sebastian Saiegh,
"Political realignment and democratic breakdown in Argentina, 1916&endash;1930," 849-863.
Jonathan Wheatley, Christopher Carman, Fernando Mendez, and James Mitchell,
"The dimensionality of the Scottish political space: Results from an experiment on the 2011 Holyrood elections," 864-878.
Raimondas Ibenskas,
"Activists or money? Explaining the electoral success and persistence of political parties in Lithuania," 879-889,
Ingrid van Biezen and Ekaterina R Rashkova,
"Deterring new party entry? The impact of state regulation on the permeability of party systems," 890-903.
Audrey André, Sam Depauw, and Kris Deschouwer,
"Legislators' local roots: Disentangling the effect of district magnitude," 904-917.
Zim Nwokora,
"The distinctive politics of campaign finance reform," 918-929.
Sondre Båtstrand,
"Giving content to new politics: From broad hypothesis to empirical analysis using Norwegian manifesto data on climate change," 930-939.
Flemming Juul Christiansen and Helene Helboe Pedersen,
"Minority coalition governance in Denmark," 940-949.
Thomas Poguntke,
"Towards a new party system: The vanishing hold of the catch-all parties in Germany," 950-963.
Eitan Tzelgov,
"Damned if you do and damned if you don't: Rhetorical heresthetic in the Israeli Knesset," 964-982.

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Book Reviews

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