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Volume 20 July 2014, Number 4

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Pradeep Chhibber, Francesca Refsum Jensenius, and Pavithra Suryanarayan,
"Party organization and party proliferation in India," 489-505.
Luis Ramiro and Laura Morales,
"Examining the 'demand' side of the market for political activism: Party and civil society grassroots activists in Spain," 506-520.
Miroslav Beblav and Marcela Veselkova,
"Preferential voting and the party-electorate relationship in Slovakia," 521-532.
Yael Shomer,
"What affects candidate selection processes? A cross-national examination," 533-546.
Lee Michael Savage,
"Who gets in? Ideology and government membership in Central and Eastern Europe," 547-562.
Matthijs Rooduijn, Sarah L de Lange, and Wouter van der Brug,
"A populist Zeitgeist? Programmatic contagion by populist parties in Western Europe," 563-575.
Dennis C Spies and André Kaiser,
"Does the mode of candidate selection affect the representativeness of parties?" 576-590.
Allan Sikk and Rein Taagepera,
"How population size affects party systems and cabinet duration," 591-603.
Liam Weeks,
"Crashing the party. Does STV help independents?" 604-616.
Gregory Neddenriep and Anthony J Nownes,
"An experimental investigation of the effects of interest-group endorsements on poorly aligned partisans in the 2008 presidential election," 617-631.
Benjamin Farrer,
"A theory of organizational choice: Interest groups and parties as substitutable influence mechanisms," 632-645.
Mehmet Gurses,
"Islamists, democracy and Turkey: A test of the inclusion-moderation hypothesis," 646-653.
Ireland," 467-479.

Book Reviews
[All available at ]
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Colchester: ECPR Press, 2012.
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Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 2012..
Party Politics, 20 (July, 2014), 655-657.(Reviewed by R Sam Garrett)
Juliet Kaarbo, Coalition politics and cabinet decision making: A comparative analysis of foreign policy choices
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